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Frequently Asked Questions

  What is World Burlesque Day, why have I never heard of it before? World Burlesque Day launched in 2020 for the first time and it is a day to celebrate burlesque. It will be the April 26 every year from now on. We hope you will follow us on social media and register on our webpage to celebrate it annually.   Will World Burlesque Day happen every year? Yes. This will now be an annual reoccurring event every year on the 26 April.   What is burlesque? Burlesque is defined as humorous theatrical entertainment involving parody. It is a form of dance and heralds from the theatre and comedy. The art of burlesque has enjoyed a revival for nearly two decades. With exaggerated costumes, theatrics and make-up it provides a platform for people of all ages and body types to express themselves and has been the cornerstone for many to grow in confidence.   Why is it on Sunday 26 April? World Burlesque Day is a memorial to a famous American burlesque star, Gypsy Rose Lee. The first day was Sunday 26 April 2020 to commemorate 50 years since her sad passing. Without Gypsy Rose Lee burlesque would not have the legacy it has today so World Burlesque Day is in her honour.   Who can participate in World Burlesque Day? Absolutely anybody. World Burlesque Day is simply a day to celebrate all things burlesque. Even someone who is not a burlesque dancer or student can participate. You may choose to host World Burlesque Day in your office and get everyone to wear something in the burlesque theme or you might celebrate it by watching a burlesque themed movie or reading a book. Why not use our World Burlesque Day poster? You can make a collage to join us online.   How do I participate in World Burlesque Day? It is entirely up to you. Celebrating World Burlesque Day can be a individual activity like reading a burlesque book or taking a selfie in a burlesque costume and sharing it on your social media or it could be a group event, like hosting a class or a show in your local city. You don’t even have to publicise what you are doing, you can do something for you that feels and celebrates burlesque. Try our World Burlesque Day poster! Make a fun collage and share it online.   Do I need to buy tickets to take part in World Burlesque Day? No. You not need to buy tickets to take part in World Burlesque Day is not a ticketed event, it is just a day in the calendar. However, we expect some burlesque schools and individuals, even festivals and cabaret clubs will run events on World Burlesque Day itself and those events may have a ticket to attend. You can choose to participate in an event or celebrate World Burlesque Day on your own, however you feel you want to be involved, it is up to you! Keep an eye on our social media to see any timetables we will share closer to the time.   Is World Burlesque Day a charity? World Burlesque Day is not a charity, nor do we endorse any one charity organisation. It might be that you wish to fundraise for a charity on World Burlesque Day and if you do, please make sure you contact them in advance to get permission as some charities do have a process to authorise you as a fundraiser first.   How can I find out more about World Burlesque Day in my local city? We suggest you do an internet search for World Burlesque Day and include the name of the city you live in to see if anything comes up. You may also reach out to individuals in the burlesque scene in your local area to see if anything has been planned. If not, you can still celebrate World Burlesque Day in a simple way like wearing a corset for the day, watching a burlesque themed movie or reading a burlesque themed booked. Your participation can be as big or small as you want to make it. Join us online, we will have activities also on our social media pages.   What kind of photos can I post on social media for World Burlesque Day? If you want to celebrate World Burlesque Day by joining in the fun online, we’d love to see any collages with our poster which can be found in downloads and include the tag #WorldBurlesqueDay and tag us on Instagram to be reposted @worldburlesqueday

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Where can I find World Burlesque Day on social media? You can find us on Instagram www.instagram.com/worldburlesqueday Facebook www.facebook.com/worldburlesqueday Website www.worldburlesqueday.com Any enquiries feel free to email [email protected]