Boost Your Burlesque


Have you ever dreamed of taking your career up a notch? 

Wouldn't it be amazing to know that thousands of people are reading your story, inspired by your photos and want to write about your show, festival or to book your act?

This is a call to artists, show producers, teachers and festival directors in the field of cabaret, boylesque and burlesque.

Communicating your vision with  impact is possible and I can show you how!



Hi, I’m Sapphira, the creator of World Burlesque Day and Ibiza Burlesque Festival. For years I struggled to get out there in the cabaret world.  My applications were often refused by shows and festivals I applied to… or worse… my emails got no reply at all. When out of frustration I started producing my own shows the nightmare continued and tickets would not sell.  Then I changed a few things I was doing and it all changed for me! 

I've made the mistakes so you don't have to.

For two years since the pandemic I have been teaching burlesque newcomers and professionals online and the Boost Your Burlesque Strategy courses now boasts 90 graduates from 25 countries.

Imagine having an international tribe of burlesque family to brainstorm ideas with!

Imagine networking with producers & performers on the same mentor course for future career growth!

You can.

It's been amazing creating this community and I had been working with Universities in my previous role so I adapted many methods of international distancing learning and I've loved every second of mentoring the groups.

I'm now on a mission to grow the community and World Burlesque Academy to one million members.

Boost Your Burlesque has generated 

  • 100 + press features for our members 
  • 1 billion media audience reached
  • Radio & TV interviews plus print, podcasts, magazine covers
  • 1 viral activation on Twitter with an MP in Scotland on the campaign trail joining a burlesque class
  • Multi-lingual press opportunities - Finnish, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and English (we teach in English, our students translate into their native language and get features and interviews!)

To Boost Your Burlesque Strategy, you need to know some basic tools

  • How to research & approach the burlesque industry
  • How to write consciously in a compelling and relevant way with impact
  • How to perform and present yourself online
  • How to network linking with sponsors  and other brands
  • How to leverage the press

(believe me, they want to write about you and it helps your profile immeasurably which effects bookings, income and impact)

Now, with major press features and brand partnerships in 4 countries, having connected with the biggest names in business including Sir Richard Branson & Dita Von Teese, I’m committed to helping burlesque artists like you reach their goal of getting more from their burlesque and cabaret careers. I even attracted an invitation to publish my memoir from a global publishing house. Even if you only have a few acts in your repertoire and you’re just starting out, you will benefit from this course.




Boost Your Burlesque Series


6 Week Level Up Challenge 

Begin anytime. Learn on your own schedule.

You will learn:

Week 1 – Boost Your Burlesque Quick Start

Week 2 – Perfect Your Press Prowess

Week 3 – LinkedIn For Burlesque Business

Week 4 – Meet The Industry (Journalist, Agent or Brand Manager)

Week 5 – Writing for Business Impact

Week 6 – Live Life on the Next Level

Who is it for? ✅ The program is specifically designed to put an end to self-doubt, lack of direction, uncertainty in how to get the next level in burlesque. It’s designed for people who’ve tried non-burlesque tailored business courses, self-help blogs and want burlesque specific material to boost their burlesque business or performer profile to the next level.

Level Up Class Schedule

Start the challenge when you're ready.

Learn independently via an app. Anywhere. Anytime. Any device.

Format: Content will launch each day when you start Day 1 of the Challenge.

Self Study: Throughout the course, you will receive powerwork self-study PDFs. These are for powerworks at home. I can provide some guidance in the co-working calls, too.

Co-working: Every Monday, you can join me online from 7 pm to 8pm GMT  for a co-working call. (Times will be sent in your timezone.) Bring any questions you have. Each week others share their goals and I answer questions and showcase a tool.

Facebook Group: You will also be part of a Facebook Group so you can join your colleagues and share ideas as you grow throughout the course where you can also ask questions by tagging me and asking your group, too. 


6 Week Showstopper Challenge

Learn anytime. Fit in with your own schedule.

You will learn:

Week 1 – Showstopper Quick Start

Week 2 – Affirmation Activation

Week 3 – Just Add Sparkle

Week 4 – Be Yourself Burlesque

Week 5 – Strut Your Stuff

Week 6 – Live like a Showstopper

Who is it for?

✅ The program is specifically designed to put an end to self-doubt & self-sabotage using burlesque dance and mindfulness combined together. It’s designed for people who’ve tried fashion fads, diet crazes and other styles of dance but need a better way to be able to believe their unstoppable Goddess & Prince worthiness.

Showstopper Class Schedule

Learn independently via an app. Anywhere. Anytime. Any device.

Format: Follow the Showstopper Challenge in your own time as content is dripped out once you launch Day 1.

Self Study: Throughout the course, you will receive powerwork self-study PDFs. These are for powerworks at home. I can provide some guidance in the co-working calls, too.

Co-working: Every Sunday you can join me from 5pm to 6pm GMT (Times will be provided in your timezone) for a co-working call. Here we will work in a tutorial on the week’s content and I can provide personal guidance to you.

Facebook Group: You will also be part of a Facebook Group so you can join you can join your colleagues and share ideas as you grow throughout the course where you can also ask questions by tagging me and asking your group, too.

To find out about Boost Your Burlesque Premium Mentoring which upgrades to include 1-2-1 coaching or Lite options, please email. To discuss payments please email: [email protected]

About Your Teacher

Hi. I am Sapphira. A heart-centered burlesque entrepreneur, author, mindfulness & business coach who believes in positive thinking. Founder and creative director of Sapphira’s Showtime, World Burlesque Day and the Ibiza Burlesque Festival, I have a global perspective of the opportunities for burlesque and cabaret. I am an award-winning singer/songwriterand performer, World Record holder and my company fundraises for several charities. The butterfly is my emblem of transformation and recovery.

I would love to help you transform any aspect of your life and career.

Known in the corporate world under my legal name, Priscilla Silcock, I have held two careers, one in burlesque working my way up as a performer to festival director and the other in the international business world working at the biggest  global companies in advertising, publishing, sales and international Higher Education.

I recently made the cut of 20 entrepreneurs chosen for a mentoring programme with Virgin StepUp part funded by the European Commission because of my work and vision to take the digital revolution in burlesque global with my inititiative the World Burlesque Academy App.



Festival Appearances

- Ibiza Burlesque Festival - Dublin Burlesque Festival

-Torino Burlesque Festival - That’s Amore Burlesque Festival - Royal William Yard Festival

– Caput Mundi (Summer Edition)

- Burning Man Festival – Rainbow Serpent Festival – Australian Burlesque Festival (co-founder) 

London Burlesque Festival

What others say

Ember Raven -  Performer   SWEDEN

I was quite hesitant to take this course, partly because it cost a lot of money that I did not know if it was going to be worth it, but also because I have a very busy schedule. But I do have to say that I really like this class. The online zoom and meetings every week meant that I could meet performers from all over the world and the app was very easy to use. Now, I am front cover and four page centrefold of the magazine, ReumatikerVärlden. My story has reached and inspired people with arthritis all over Sweden. This is a huge step in my mission to show people with disabilities that they belong on a stage. 

Ruby Joule - Performer/Producer  USA 

The course showed me all kinds of tools to elevate the business side of my burlesque and also how to talk about burlesque in a way the professional world can relate to. To someone thinking about taking this course. I think no matter if you're just starting out, or if you've been in it for 15 years like me, this can definitely help you gain clarity about whats next.

Miss Money Penny  - Performer  UK

This is the most informative and personal course I have immersed in for a long time. Looking at the industry through the eyes of a true professional with honest perspectives and my interests at heart. Highly Recommend!

Taryn Luce  -  Performer/Designer USA

Are you interested in increasing your audience and network, in finding sponsorships and worldwide opportunities?

Sapphira provides tremendous coaching in a positive group environment. This series will help you connect with yourself, and help you connect with a much broader and more diverse worldwide audience!