World Burlesque Day

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26 April  World Burlesque Day was created with passion by Sapphira and is supported by the World Burlesque Academy App. It is an international day and celebration of all things burlesque created by our founder who is a singer/songwriter and author. Sapphira also owns and co-produces the Ibiza Burlesque Festival.

Please join us for World Burlesque Day 2023.

    • Celebrity interviews
    • TV,  press, podcast & radio coverage
    • In-person events & and online programme
    • A new TikTok #burlesqueinbootschallenge
    •  Certificate of Contributions 2023 presented to Joesphine Baker, Di Rolle, Rachid Alexander, Crazy Horse Paris and Annadbelle Mu'azu.



We are so grateful to burlesque Queen, Dita Von Teese, who took time out of her busy schedule to wish us well for the day.

Enjoy the World Burlesque Day 2023 Anthem - These Boots Are Made for Walkin'- Sapphira & Doc Moody and join our #burlesqueinbootschallenge online.

Thank you to all volunteers and businesses who support the day.


Highlights of the previous World Burlesque Day activities include:

•           An exclusive Q&A webinar with Erik Lee Preminger from LA discussing his mother, Burlesque icon Gypsy Rose Lee, sharing intimate tales from his life on the road with her as well as exclusive footage for our guests

•           Participants in over 57 countries taking part in the day

•           Sapphira consecrating the day covered in 100 balloons with Party & Celebrate who donated the balloons

•           Interviews, performances and workshops streamed throughout the day

•           #WorldBurlesqueDay hashtag being used over 26,000 times

•           World Burlesque Day TikTok #boogieinbootschallenge viewed 200,000 times, set to the official World Burlesque Day Anthem, "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" Sapphira & Doc Moody

•           Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar representing Scotland attending the free TikTok Dance class attracting 323k views on Twitter

•           Major publishers supporting the day with giveaways of Gypsy’s memoir from North Atlantic Books, Badly Behaved Women by Anna-Maria Crowhurst from Welbeck, a selection of Laurence King Publishing's Drag titles

           Anti-bullying issues and solutions discussed in an exclusive interview with Dr Anne-Marie Quigg, author of Bullying in the Arts and editor of The Handbook of Dealing with Workplace Bullying

     In memory of Gypsy Rose Lee 

Owner of the event production company, Sapphira’s Showtime, who produce the annual Ibiza Burlesque Festival and World Record Events #BurlesqueAPeel, Sapphira is author of the mental health recovery story Burlesque or BustWorld Burlesque Day supports Sapphira's vision that ‘everybody should try burlesque for their self confidence at last once in a lifetime’ following her own profound self-acceptance since first setting foot on stage in 2004. The epiphany of  escapism in this beautiful art-form came after she had been hospitalised with a one-time episode severe bipolar at age 21 and she credits burlesque as the tonic for finding herself again.

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