Burlesque or Bust

Sapphira has released her autobiography, a heart-warming story of recovery with Welbeck Publishing under the Trigger Calm imprint worldwide.

It is available globally and has 5 Star Amazon book reviews.

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★★★★★ - Empowering, moving & positive. .
★★★★★ - A whirlwind ride. .
★★★★★ - A great read!

A story of bravery, courage and resilience, Burlesque or Bust is a humorous yet poignant personal account of one woman’s struggle to free herself from severe mental illness and claim her sexual identity.  

Sapphira discusses many topics, reinventing herself from Priscilla to burlesque queen Sapphira in London, her fairytale romance, the calling of Spanish island Ibiza, seeing Dita at Crazy Horse Paris and the liberation of leaving the conservative Australian scene where she was first excommunicated by the Brethren Church, then later bullied in the Australian burlesque community riddled with the notorious 'tall poppy syndrome'.

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