World Burlesque Academy

The World Burlesque Academy App is the proud sponsor of the Ibiza Burlesque Festival.


After 10 years of teaching and holding events in person, we launched a new business as a limited company World Burlesque Ltd in 2020 and began taking our business digital in 2021.

With the success of our initiative, World Burlesque Day, our joyous burlesque classes are reaching even futher with online dance tutorials, TikTok challenges, courses and the hugely successful Boost Your Burlesque Strategy  business programme series all facilitated by the World Burlesque Academy App.

Since launching the app we have

- 57 countries accesing our content

- 300 + downloads

- 20 + countries as regular subscribers to our content

You can have us in your pocket!

Anywhere. Anytime. Any device.

With the World Burlesque Academy app, the world of burlesque is at your fingertips...

? Learn burlesque.

? Learn dance.

? Learn life skills.

? Learn about business.

Based on 25 years of working in advertising, publishing and the International Higher Education market. Our team knows about digital education and developing learning outcomes that work!

Email us at [email protected] if you are interested in finding out more.