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Christina Aguilera to be recognised with Certificate of Contribution &

Dance Challenge Tribute for World Burlesque Day 2024

Christina Aguilera, a renowned vocal talent, and cowriters Christopher Stewart, Claude Kelley and producer Tricky Stewart  will be recognised by fellow singer/songwriter, Sapphira, creator of World Burlesque Day for the songs Express and Show Me How You Burlesque by Xtina which have united the burlesque scene since 2010. Her other music like Candyman, Guy What Takes His Time and I Am A Good Girl, have also been iconic.
An entrepreneur and mental health ambassador, Sapphira who is a singer/songwriter herself created World Burlesque Day to reposition the misunderstood artform of burlesque and spark conversation around the positive mental health benefits of the dance form. The day is celebrated every 26 April and this year an online World Record Attempt is taking place a few days prior to add to the excitement.

I started World Burlesque Day in the lockdown during a time of great uncertainty  when the whole world was forced to stay at home. Christina Aguilera’s music saved me in this time and realised how unifying songs like Express and Show Me How You Burlesque were when I launched a TikTok #glovepeelchallenge set to the song Express. People worldwide were able to take part which boosted morale and gave hope. I want to acknowledge Christina Aguilera, Claude Kelly, Christopher and Tricky Stewart because this music has been played at thousands of shows and used in burlesque classes all over the world, it’s really created unity for our scene and unity in community is the purpose behind World Burlesque Day.”

Sapphira launches the #glovepeelchallenge for World Burlesque Day 2020 in her kitchen

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We are honoured Claude Kelly has already responded via Instagram.

In addition to sending each of the songwriting team a Certificate of Contribution, Sapphira is donating a copy of Christina Aguilera’s memoir ‘Unbreakable’ from her personal collection as prize in the upcoming Dance Challenge she is hosting for World Burlesque Day citing similarities in her upbringing and escape into music as in Christina Aguilera’s own life.

Christina Aguilera’s memoir really spoke to me because she was raised in a Mormon family and I was raised in the Brethren, both being separatist and regimented religious communities. Music became an escape for me as it was for Christina Aguilera and I know many people in the burlesque community will relate to because the stage and this artform is truly healing and helps many of us cope with day-to-day struggles providing a platform for fantasy and self-expression.”

Sapphira dedicates a copy of Unbreakable from her personal library as a prize for the Dance Challenge 

Sapphira is dedicating her performance in the upcoming Dance Challenge in honour of Christina Aguilera and is excited to have rallied support from dance schools, festivals and artists worldwide as the community prepares to unite online once again!

Burlesque Ooh La La – Sapphira & Doc Moody will be released on Friday 19th April dedicated to Christina Aguilera and an ensuing Dance Challenge will begin to ricochet around the world.



We are additionally honouring Australian producer Samuel Dixon and Sia Furler who cowrote the power ballad Bound To You in Burlesque The Movie. Sapphira had the honour to meet him in London at the Apra/Amcos Songwriting event at RAKS Studio.