10 Year Anniversary

In 2019 our company made it to its 10th anniversary, yes! It’s a major achievement but we would not have done without all of you. According to statistics in small business administration, only one-third of businesses survive to their 10th year and we know it's our strong supporters and volunteers that have been the heart of helping us make it to this milestone.

Sapphira’s Showgirls would love to commemorate this occasion with our supporters, clients, artists and above all the hundreds of volunteers that have supported us in 17 cities and 8 countries during our 10 years in operation.

Please enjoy these videos below from over the years.

Our founder Sapphira debuts at the lululemon Christmas party on Chapel St, Prahran in 2009 to launch free burlesque classes going on to teach at ReCreation in six locations.

We perform our student showcases at Red Bennies in 2011 after outgrowing Burlesque Bar in Fitzroy.

We make national television in 2011 at Red Bennies with a documentary on the Circle and share the screen with Christina Aguilera between excerpts from Burlesque the movie!

We perform Tease with Sapphira at Illamasqua in 2011.

We impress Dannii Minogue on Australia's Got Talent in 2012.

We make a splash at the Dita Von Teese parade at Melbourne Fashion Festival in 2012.

We participate in the Warwick Foundation High Heel Race in 2012.

We grow a fan base with our sell-out show the 'Burlesque Spectacular' at Red Bennies in 2012.

We launch My Heart Belongs To Branson in 2013 in a campaign to ask for flights for our Burlesque or Bust tour and are supported by Virgin Atlantic!

We make a Harlem Shake for Sir Richard Branson at The Greyhound.

We set the Record Setter World Record for Fastest Burlesque Glove Peel Relay supported be Benefit Cosmetics in 2016 in London.

And we make the news filmed at the Benefit Cosmetics Islington Store.

We enter the 2016 Pitch To Rich, the Virgin Media UK Wide Entrepreneur Search in 2016 to seek business mentoring and investment to expand and we make the front page of the paper!

We set a RecordSetter World Record for Most Balloons Popped on a Burlesque Costume in London in 2017 supported by Party Super Stores.

And we set another RecordSetter World Record in Ibiza 2017 as part of our first Ibiza Burlesque Festival and just in time for World Mental Health Day.

We achieve our wildest dreams producing the the Ibiza Burlesque Festival at luxury club HEART Ibiza, co-owned by Cirque Du Soleil and the famous Spanish chefs the Adria Brothers in 2018.

Our ethos has always been to spread positivity and sparkle by helping people experience the liberation of performance through immersive and interactive experiences. Be that taking part in an online or in-person dance class, participating or spectating in one of our fun shows, TikTok Challenges or World Record events or even joining us on stage.

In experiencing this freedom of self-expression we believe there is ripple effect of one person’s happiness radiating out into their home, family, workplace and community.

Key Highlights include:

  • #BurlesqueAPeel 2016 supported by Benefit Cosmetics
  • Burlesque or Bust supported by Virgin Atlantic
  • My Heart Belongs To Branson Valentine’s Day 2014 – 6 Showgirls Flying Melbourne to Sydney
  • Visiting Billich Gallery
  • Ibiza Burlesque Festival 2017/2018 appearing at HEART Ibiza
  • Australia’s Got Talent
  • Warwick Foundation’s High Heel Race
  • Blush Photography’s Hottest Hunks Competition
  • Melbourne Fashion Week
  • Illamasqua – Theatre of the Nameless Launch
  • Herald Sun’s 25th Anniversary
  • Sapphiras’ Showgirls Student Showcases – from the humble beginnings of Burlesque Bar to Red Bennies then the legendary Greyhound Hotel
  • Nathan Brown and Triple M’s Burlesque Class
  • On Air Striptease with Joy FM
  • Gangster’s Ball
  • Burlesque or Bust 2013 London Tour
  • My Heart Belongs To Branson
  • Dita Von Teese at Melbourne Fashion Week
  • Presenting Dita Von Teese with the Sapphira’s Showgirls 2014 Calendar
  • Pitch To Rich 2016 UK entrepreneur search
  • Virgin Media Pioneers – London Small Business Show 2017

For this great and special we event launched our brand new website designed by Farrukh and we also announced the launch of the first World Burlesque Day which took place on the 26th April 2020 and was in line with our commitment that everybody should try burlesque to improve their confidence at least once in their lifetime. 

The World Burlesque Day event has been such a success as we have grown from reaching 44 countries to 80 countries and we have continued expanding teaching worldwide using the World Burlesque Academy App. 

We hope you will join us online for some fun, too - download the app in App Store or Google play or acces it online at www.worldburlesqueacademy.com