Soul Voice

Welcome to Sound Healing with Sapphira.

‘The voice is the most important instrument.’ Karina Schelde (Soul Voice ® Founder)

As an artist, I work in showbiz and love what Soul Voice® has taught me. A singer & dance teacher, I help empower women through self-expression but I had to first empower myself by learning how to improve my thinking, clear my energetic boundaries and step into my own authority.

Learning from Karina over 8 years in 3 countries, I have new a resonance in my voice. I know how powerful Soul Voice® is for shifting the deepest issues and healing the oldest of mental, spiritual, emotional and physical pains. Let me assist with your transformation too.


“Thanks so much for the Mindful Mornings sessions with your sound meditations – you have a wonderful voice and I found it stimulating and soothing at the same time. We could really do with more of these sessions. It was a great way to start the day. It motivated me to get into work and I felt more relaxed, energised and focussed as a result. Wonderful!”

”10 minutes made a big difference to my emotional state, focus and ability to do my work efficiently”.

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